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The Exchange Alternative: An Overview

DigitsMail IS Email Exchange because it is the only other email server on the market that has built-in support for MAPI, the protocol that makes Exchange and Outlook work. That means you can do anything on Exchange with DigitsMail. You don't need plug-ins or extra software; it just works. DigitsMail has all of this and more, and it only costs a FRACTION of what Exchange does. And unlike Exchange, you don't have to pay extra for features like audio/video group chat and Team Workspaces, which lets you do audio and video conferencing and share your screen.

An Excellent Email
DigitsMail is an email, group chat, and team collaboration server that is a smart alternative to Microsoft Exchange. It is the only Windows mail server on the market that provides genuine MAPI capability, rather than MAPI plug-ins for Outlook that just replicate Exchange capabilities. Furthermore, Outlook plug-ins need extra installation, maintenance, and support, as well as their own overhead.

DigitsMail provides many additional benefits, including a cheaper price point than Exchange, less hardware needs, improved stability, and the opportunity to cut maintenance expenses. As a consequence, its total cost of ownership is much cheaper than that of Exchange, making it the best-in-class email and collaboration solution for SMBs and businesses, as well as ISPs and hosting firms.
Webmail Client
DigitsMail comes with one of the most capable browser-based webmail applications available. The webmail client, which is compatible with all major desktop and mobile web browsers, eliminates the need for any other software, from email clients to calendar apps, freeing up disk space and eliminating the maintenance tasks that come with having more software installed on people's laptops and personal computers.

DigitsMail's webmail client puts the power of DigitsMail at your fingertips, whether you're on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The webmail client can handle it all, from answering to emails to managing your calendar, keeping on top of projects, and doing video and audio conferences with Team Workspaces.
within a Team
DigitsMail has a range of collaboration tools that make it simple to collaborate with team members, customers, and partners. DigitsMail may boost an organization's overall productivity by utilizing its webmail client or a preferred desktop or mobile client.

Among the collaboration features are:
  • Conference Rooms and Organizational Calendars
  • Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Notes are all shared.
  • Group Chat, for internal text, audio, and video chat.
  • Text, audio, and video chat workspaces for internal or external teams a lot more
Email Security that
is Industry Standard
DigitsMail has various email security measures that may be used without paying extra money or installing third-party software. This includes spam filtering that is industry standard and can protect the server from practically all incoming and outgoing spam, as well as enterprise-level antivirus for identifying trojans, viruses, malware, and other harmful threats.

If further protection measures are desired, SmarterTools provides enterprise-level solutions such as Cyren Zero-Hour Outbreak Detection, Cyren Premium Antispam, and Message Sniffer. Furthermore, if a system or network administrator has a preferred antispam or antivirus solution, DigitsMail interacts effortlessly with third-party products and services, as well as security appliances, utilized in corporate email systems.
Easy Administration DigitsMail installs and runs in minutes thanks to an exceptionally easy setup procedure. DigitsMail then provides system administrators with a variety of administrative tools to assist keep things operating smoothly. Furthermore, trivial duties may be delegated to domain administrators, leaving system administrators to focus on the more critical duty of maintaining the server reliable and safe.

Furthermore, DigitsMail is entirely API-driven. This implies that processes such as domain setup and on-demand adjustments to security settings may be readily automated. Integrations with management software and control panels are also feasible, making server administration more easier.
Support for Mobile
and Desktop
DigitsMail not only has the greatest webmail client on the market, but it also easily connects with email clients, calendaring applications, and scheduling services for those who like to use them.

With support for all main email protocols such as IMAP, EAS, EWS, WebDav, and MAPI, your client options are almost infinite. That is, DigitsMail works regardless of whether you use Outlook on your Windows desktop, MacOS, or mobile device. Apple Mail, Windows Mail, eM Client, Thunderbird, Gmail, Samsung Mail, and other email clients are also supported.

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