Wireless Solution

Webmate security solution that protects against threats to endpoints and across your network. Webmate provides tools you can use to centrally manage endpoint security across the enterprise.
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Webmate can provide you with a well-planned and scalable office wireless network which gives you, your employees and their devices always-on access that’s flexible, inexpensive, easy to maintain, no signal drop outs or delays.

A well-designed wireless infrastructure
will help your enterprise

  • Allow users quick access
    to the network

  • Improve

  • Increase

  • Reduce time
    for setup

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The corporate world in its earlier days witnessed a network solution whose sole purpose was deliver internet services to its business. A revolutionary development in the field of data networking and telecommunications, the wireless network solution that’s enterprise tailored provides users and employees with unimpeded access to your data and applications, irrespective of their location.

With plenty of expertise and experience,Webmate has been successful in providing wireless network solutions for many industry sectors in Dubai such as education, hospitality etc.

In data networking, wireless solutions may involve digital devices, including iPads, laptops, and Tabs, which are dependent on a wireless network to access data stored anywhere on the network. In the site to site configuration, two or more wireless networks are connected across a distance. Access points, wireless integrated switches and routers, antenna, wireless LAN (WLAN) Controllers are some of the elements used in a Wireless network.

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